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Nibbler Tool for Sheet Metal Cutting

Sheet Metal Nibbler ToolNibbler tool for sheet metal cutting has been one of the essential tools for modding and hacking, it has been the tool of choice for cutting out brackets and heat sinks for hot ends from materials sourced from metal enclosures collected from old computer DVD drives.

The hand nibbler tool has provided an opportunity to recycle old household electrical enclosures in to something new when added to 3d printer printed designs. The sheet metal nibbler has worked very well for me, operation is easy, quiet and clean and importantly, convenient and accurate.

Nibbler Tool Features Review

The nibbler tool I have is the Draper Expert Hand Nibbler sheet metal cutter 35748, and I got this from Ebay for less than eleven pounds delivered. It can cut sheet metal up to 1.2mm thickness and laminates and plastics up to 2mm, but I’ve only used these for metal sheets so far, and I’ve been able to cut metal sheets down a scribed line with good accuracy. However, the nibbler tool is not great for cutting out round holes but curvy shapes are possible if they are not too tight. Usually, I can rough cut curves before rounding them off neatly with a Dremel or file.

Sheet Metal Nibbler Markings Sheet Metal Nibbler Cutter Bottom View

It is claimed that a wide variety of materials can be cut cleanly without distortion, a claim¬† I can confirm as being accurate, at least in the case of the salvaged DVD drive enclosures I’ve been using. Other features are the interchangeable cutters and spring loaded handle with slip guards that allow you to comfortably push the hand nibbler forward while cutting sheet metal, and it’s quiet and clean operation will make it ideal for late night hacking.

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