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Airtripper Extruder Filament Force Sensor – Introduction

Following the announcement of the Airtripper Extruder Filament force sensor I found a bit of time to run a few tests and to plot a few graphs to find out if the load cell is not just a fancy 3d printer add-on. But before we get into the graphs, we’ll start with the introduction to the Airtripper Extruder Filament Force Sensor; with images to boot.

Airtripper’s Bowden Extruder V3 – Updated Design

The Airtripper’s Direct Drive Bowden Extruder is now at version 3 with the design files ready to download from Thingiverse. A lot of work went into the design to improve the usabillity and the look of the extruder. The design is stronger with a much cleaner 3d printed finish, and filament changing is now much easier than before.

Sumpod 3D Printer Filament Handling for Extruder

The more improvements and new features added to the Sumpod 3d printer the more I want to use the 3d printer, and adding better filament handling has gone a long way to improve the 3d printer’s ease of use.
The Sumpod’s sturdy construction has allowed me to set up a filament spool rack on the top of the printer.

Hot End Design on 3D Printer Extruder

So, this is an introduction to my latest 3d printer extruder system with a detailed view of the Hot End, Cold End and Nozzle. There are plenty of pictures and a detailed ilustration that shows details about the 3d printer extruder system I’m currently using. I explain some of the pros and cons, and explain why the latest extruder system I’m using works.

3D Printer Surgery #3 Extruder Upgrade Part 2

After nearly 15 hours of printing, I’m calling this new 3D printer extruder a success. The success I believe is down to building the complete extruder assembly in OpenSCAD which allowed me to see how all the parts fitted together. The 3D printer extruder is boasting a unique feature not seen in other popular printer extruders, a rubber pinch roller bearing in the idler, more details down the post.

3D Printer Surgery #2 Extruder Upgrade Part 1

SUMPOD 3D printer extruder upgrade from start to finish part 1. Creating the hardware components in OpenSCAD to assemble a complete virtual 3D printer extruder.