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Hot End Design on 3D Printer Extruder

3D Printer Extruder Hot End Close Up

3D Printer Extruder Hot End Close Up

So, this is an introduction to my latest 3d printer extruder system with a detailed view of the Hot End, Cold End and Nozzle. There are plenty of pictures and a detailed illustration that shows details about the 3d printer extruder system I’m currently using. I explain some of the pros and cons, and explain why the latest extruder system I’m using works.

I’m still using a Twin Drive Extruder System I developed to push the 1.75mm Polylactic acid (PLA) filament into, what used to be, a very stubborn nozzle. However, forcing the filament into the nozzle was not the answer and some investigation work needed to be done to make the system work better. A new Hot End is purchased and after much tweaking, the extruder set-up is now working as well as it can be and I should be able to revert back to the single filament drive extruder upgrade, freeing up a stepper motor. I’ve got a new extruder stepper motor drive gear coming from the US which should provide improved grip on the filament giving more pushing power with a single stepper motor.

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