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Resistance Wire Heated Build Platform DIY Tutorial

Resistance Wire Heated Build Platform, a few notes about my own heated build platform build for the SUMPOD and a tutorial for those who are looking to build their own. It’s quite a long piece because I have tried to make it as complete as possible. A couple of plans have been thrown in with some images to boot, which summarises much that have been written here, so a good place to start is with the images. I’ll be using the tutorial myself to improve the performance of my own heated build platform.

Heated build platform from frontThe notes will be about building a 3d printer heated build platform out of 3mm window glass and nichrome wire (resistance wire). This setup is ideal for printing PLA because it sticks to window glass without the need for any kind of tape, and PLA pops off the glass easily as the platform cools at the end of printing. Window glass is good for temperatures up to 80 degrees C which may not be hot enough for ABS printing. If ABS is how you roll then oven glass or ceramic glass may be a better option than window glass. The temperature I usually set, for printing with PLA filament, is between 55 degrees C and 60 degrees C.

Use the information at your own risk and do not leave the 3d printer unattended during operation because of risk of fire, safety first.

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