Resistance Wire Heated Build Platform DIY Tutorial

Resistance wire heated build platform for 3d printers, notes about my own heated build platform build and a tutorial for those who want to build their own, using resistance wire or nichrome wire.

Nibbler Tool for Sheet Metal Cutting

Nibbler tool for sheet metal cutting has been one of the essential tools for modding and hacking, it has been the tool of choice for cutting out brackets and heat sinks from materials sourced from metal enclosures collected from old computer DVD drives.

The hand nibbler tool has provided an opportunity to recycle old household electrical enclosures in to something new when added to 3d printer printed designs. The sheet metal nibbler has worked very well for me, operation is easy, quiet and clean and importantly, convenient and accurate.

Heated Build Platform Rework

Heated Build Platform rework for 3D Printer, making the heated glass bed work better with Nichrome Wire Heating Element and Thermister. Analysis and rework.

3D Printer Surgery #4 Extruder Upgrade Part 3

The new 3D printer 1.75mm filament extruder upgrade is now complete, all the tweaks mentioned in part two are now built in to the unit, plus extra improvements was made to the overall design, including a newly designed idler to accept the cheaper 608 ZZ Skate Bearing to simplify assembly and to keep the overall cost down. All the project files are now on Thingiverse, STL files and OpenSCAD 3D script file. Look down the post for bill of materials and assembly tips.

Airtripper’s 3D Printed Pocket Reel Roller

Airtripper’s Pocket Reel Rollers – 3D printer filament reel rollers small enough to fit in your pocket, but big enough to do the job. Read the build details and download OpenSCAD design file and STL file.

3D Printer Surgery #3 Extruder Upgrade Part 2

After nearly 15 hours of printing, I’m calling this new 3D printer extruder a success. The success I believe is down to building the complete extruder assembly in OpenSCAD which allowed me to see how all the parts fitted together. The 3D printer extruder is boasting a unique feature not seen in other popular printer extruders, a rubber pinch roller bearing in the idler, more details down the post.

3D Printer Surgery #2 Extruder Upgrade Part 1

SUMPOD 3D printer extruder upgrade from start to finish part 1. Creating the hardware components in OpenSCAD to assemble a complete virtual 3D printer extruder.

3D Printer Surgery #1 Z Axis Handle

3D Printer Surgery #1 Z Axis Handle. The SUMPOD 3D Printer prints it’s own part, a Z axis handle. A technique was used to 3D print the Z axis handle upright in one piece without it toppling over.